After some Albertans have expressed interest in separation from Canada, Wexit, a separatist association has formed and is hoping to gain the support needed to register as an official party in Alberta. Wexit’s founder, Peter Downing is touring Alberta to gain support for his Alberta-separatist movement. Downing’s tour touched down in Calgary this past weekend where he spoke before a group of supporters.

Downing’s tour stopped in Calgary and Red Deer on Aug. 10 and will be taking place in Lloydminster on Aug. 24. As of now, these are the only tour dates that have been announced.

Peter Downing is a former member of the RCMP and Canadian Forces and, as his Twitter bio reads, a “Straight shooter, all-around good guy, loves Alberta.”  

As Narcity previously reported, a recent online survey showed that a quarter of Albertans want to separate from Alberta. In response, Downing told Global News that “This isn’t just based on sentiment. We’ve been feeling this for a very long time and now it’s time to take control.”

In regards to the organization itself, Wexit Alberta is an association of Albertans "who share a commitment to Economic Liberty, Social Stability, and Alberta Sovereignty,” says their constitution.

The group’s platform includes promises such as achieving an overall personal income tax rate of 15% - 19%, reducing corporate taxes to 7%, ensuring that the individual rights of Albertans are protected, and making sure "Alberta remains sovereign, and no way subordinate to the Government of Canada, British Crown, or the United Nations." The platform outlines how they plan to achieve each of these promises.

There are three ways Wexit can be registered as a party in Alberta. They can either run 44 candidates in a general election, have three sitting MLAs agree to represent Wexit Alberta, or collect 7,686 signatures on their petition form. It appears the petition is the most viable option for the organization, as such, Downing’s Alberta is seeking support in the form of signatures.

Hashtags such as #wexit and #freealberta can be seen circulating online coupled with some pretty heated discussions. Some people are even getting behind a hauntingly familiar "Make Alberta Great Again" slogan.

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