As the Canadian federal election draws closer, there appears to have been a lot of attention paid to what candidates are saying about each other rather than their platforms. That's especially true of Justin Trudeau and Andrew Scheer. With regards to those platforms, what does Andrew Scheer promise? What does he plan to bring to the table if elected as Prime Minister?

Scheer and his Conservatives have made numerous promises regarding the budget, foreign policy, and the environment. Scheer has promised that if elected, he and his cabinet would completely balance the federal budget within five years. According to Global News, Scheer told members of the Canadian Club in May that the Liberals would take 20 years to balance the budget, and that a Conservative government would do it in a quarter of that time.

When it comes to foreign policy, Scheer has made several promises about how he would handle international issues. These include moving the Canadian Embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem and taking what he calls an "eyes wide open" approach to dealing with China. Scheer also promised to join the U.S. ballistic-missile defence program, a move that not even Stephen Harper chose to make.

Climate change is also going to be a factor in this election, and Andrew Scheer has made campaign promises involving that as well, touting that his approach would be to focus on "tech, not taxes," according to Global News. Scheer has promised to cut the federal carbon tax and revoke Bill C-69, which required projects such as pipelines to be evaluated based on their impact on the environment and nearby communities.

Scheer has also promised that he would provide a 15 percent tax credit on EI maternity and paternal benefits. He has also made a promise that he will not re-open the abortion debate. He did, however, say he will allow any members of his party to introduce private bills on the matter.

The Canadian federal election will take place on Oct. 21. Andrew Scheer may outline more campaign promises when he appears in any of the upcoming leaders' debates.

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