It seems that every new year gives rise to another internet challenge for people looking to push their limits even further. While 'Dry January' is a well-seasoned trend where people abstain from drinking alcohol in January after consuming more than usual over the holidays, there's a new challenge in town and it's a lot harder. 

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The challenge is called "Veganuary" and as you probably assumed, the challenge has to do with veganism. "Veganuary" is part of a movement to help people get excited about trying out veganism and seeing if it's for them. Of course, the challenge involves abstaining from meat and animal byproducts for an entire month. 

Though the point of the challenge isn't simply to go big or go home, even efforts to choose more vegan options in comparison to dishes reliant on meat or animal by-products are welcome as well. Even if the participants aren't able to go vegan for the entire month, the small changes they have made throughout the month can have a big impact and spare the lives of a lot of animals. 

The reason for the popularity of the trend this year likely has to do with the growing desire many have to help the planet as well as eat and live healthier. So far, eight days into the "Veganuary" challenge, it seems that many people are going strong and the vegan eats they've been sharing so far are seriously drool-worthy: 

@chloesembianteembedded via  

@vegan_veganfoodembedded via  

Even celebrity chef Gordon Ramsey is giving the concept a try for the month! Though he definitely has a clear advantage of winning the non-official prize so far for the most stunning dish: 

@vegetarianos_hoyembedded via  

While the challenge has already started, that doesn't mean you can't get involved yourself! With others already having started, it means you now have tons of meal inspiration if you want to give "Veganuary" a go.

To check out the account that created the challenge and learn more, you can click here

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