Police have identified 25-year-old Alek Minassian as a suspect in yesterday's tragic van crash incident. Minassian was allegedly driving the white Ryder van that plowed into a curb and drove through the sidewalk, killing ten and injuring fifteen others. He will be appearing in court at 10 am today in North York. Not much is known about him so far, but here's what Toronto police and investigators have already found out.

Alek Minassian is from a "quiet" neighbourhood in Richmond Hill, a suburb north of Toronto. His LinkedIn profile says that he's a student at Seneca College. His former classmate at Thornlea Secondary School in Thornhill, Ontario says he spent a lot of time alone and wasn't very social.

"I'm not sure if he had any very, very close friends, at least publicly," Minassian's former classmate said, "I never saw him with a group of friends, generally." Another former classmate claims that Minassian struggled with mental illness. 

Minissan joined the Canadian Armed Forces back in August of 2017, but was only a member for two months. He requested to be voluntarily released on October 25th, only sixteen days into recruit training. 

Toronto Police Chief Mark Saunders and several witnesses at the scene say that the driver's actions definitely seemed "deliberate," and were clearly intended to take down pedestrians. No weapon was found on him when he was arrested, but he was heard saying "I have a gun in my pocket" when police surrounded him.

Police are working tirelessly to identify a clear motive, and are speaking to the countless witnesses who had a clear view of what happened. "At the end of the day, we will have a fulsome answer," Saunders says, "We will have a fulsome account as to what the conclusion of this is."

For more details on yesterday's horrific incident, visit this article.  

Source: CBC, CTV

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