During this pandemic, there are lots of questions on people's minds. People might be wondering about how to make bread or how to cut hair but there are more serious questions being asked too. "When is the coronavirus over" has been Googled so many times by Canadians recently. However, there really isn't a simple answer. 

Google has a page dedicated to search trends related to the virus and it gives a lot of insight into what Canadians are searching up online.

"When is the coronavirus over" was the number one trending question in Canada this past week.

So, people are wondering when the pandemic will finally be over and when life can go back to normal.

There is no definitive answer to that question though.

Justin Trudeau has previously said that normal life like before this pandemic hit won't come back until there is a vaccine.

Canada's epidemic timelines even go all the way into 2021 with the possibility of smaller outbreaks happening.

Trudeau went into dad mode when talking about COVID-19 recently and warned Canadians about how our summer could be at risk.

Even with provinces reopening, there still needs to be vigilance.

"I understand how much people do want to go outside. But we need to do it in ways that we are sure are gonna keep people safe," Trudeau said.

He noted that we all need to prevent a second wave that could send us back into isolation during the summer.

The Prime Minister also mentioned vaccines during his daily address on May 12.

Canada has contributed to Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance.

That organization will help get the COVID-19 vaccine out to those who need it when it becomes available.

"To end this pandemic for good in Canada, we have to end it for good everywhere," Trudeau said.

In addition to asking about when this pandemic will end, Canadians were also asking about how many cases there are across the country and how many kids have died because of the virus.

There were also some interesting "how-to" questions searched on Google this past week.

People are wondering how to apply for the CERB, how to make face masks and how to make hand sanitizer.

It seems like people are getting sick of their isolation hair and want new 'dos because one of the top questions searched was about how to cut men's hair.

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