When will we know who is president? That's the million-dollar question right now and Justin Trudeau said we might be waiting a while for the final result.

Before heading into work on November 4, Trudeau spoke to reporters on Parliament Hill about the U.S. election.

He made it sound like we could be in it for the long haul and watching for days to see who will be the leader of our neighbouring country.

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We are, of course, following it carefully and will continue to as the day and days unfold.

Justin Trudeau

"As everyone knows, there is an electoral process underway in the United States," he said.

Trudeau noted that he and his government are following what's going on closely.

That will continue to happen "as the day and days unfold."

In the morning the day after the election, no winner had declared because states still have ballots left to count.

Before some results started to roll in when polls closed, Trudeau had said there's a real possibility that we won't know the outcome until later in the week or even longer.

He also recalled the U.S. election in 2000 which didn't have a definitive result for over a month.

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