Just in time for Thanksgiving long weekend, ATB has released a study about turkey production in Alberta and the numbers are mind-boggling. Alberta turkey production numbers reached nearly two million birds last year, in 2018. Believe it or not, that isn't even close to the most turkeys per-province in Canada. Which province has the most turkeys, you might be wondering? Here's what you need to know.

Let's start with Alberta's turkey production stats as provided by the ATB Financial report. The report explains that Alberta’s turkey production made up 10% of Canada’s total turkeys in 2018. There were 1.8 million turkeys produced in Alberta last year weighing in at a total of 16.6 million kilograms. The birds cost Albertans $39.5 million.

Just think of the thousands of pairs of stretch-waist pants Albertans have sported over the past year while consuming that much turkey. 

The report also explained that this staggering turkey count is 4% higher than the average number in the past 10 years. In regards to pricing, each turkey costs 7% more than compared to the 10-year average. Turkeys are getting more expensive, and Albertans clearly don’t give a care. 

As we mentioned, Albertans aren't even the biggest turkey consumers in the country.

With Alberta’s representing 10% of the turkey production in the country, Ontario surpassed those numbers by over four times, taking up 41% of Canada’s turkeys and 43% of the total value of the birds in the country. Next in line was Quebec who clocked in at 21% in both value and production.

Back to talking about Albertan turkeys, a quick look at the report's “Annual turkey production in Alberta” graph shows a massive dip in 2010, with numbers dropping below 1.5 million. Numbers soared up to 1.9 million between 2015 and 2017, landing comfortably at the 1.8 million mark in 2018.

Though turkeys aren't considered the nicest animals, people seem to be big fans of eating them. Let's not forget about when a turkey kicked a motorcyclist at a stoplight last month. An epic story brought to you by the province of Ontario.

Anyway, the report goes on to compare Alberta's turkey production numbers to the province's chicken production numbers. If you thought Alberta's turkey count was high, we hope you're sitting down for this.

According to ATB Financial, nearly 73 million chickens were produced in Alberta in 2018. As for the price tag, those birds cost Albertans $255.6 million. We are simultaneously shocked and totally unsurprised.

With Thanksgiving coming up this weekend, if you're not interested in spending the day in the kitchen, there are tons of other things to do. Escape to a cabin, take a road trip, or just pretend it's a normal old weekend in Alberta.

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