British singer Ella Mai gave her first-ever BET Awards performance last night, following the breakout success of her platinum single "Boo'd Up." Her single, which dropped in April, has been on the Billboard charts for 11 consecutive weeks and has over 34 million streams on Spotify. 

Ella Mai is 23-years-old and London, England native. She's toured across the world with American singer Kehlani, and performed with Ty Dolla $ign in Los Angeles just two days ago. She was dubbed one of the hottest artists to watch after her single peaked at number six on the Billboard Hot 100. 

But, it seems like everyone had something to say about her performance at last night's BET Awards. Despite her breakout success, Ella Mai was assigned to the Nissan Stage, which is smaller and typically reserved for lesser-known artists. 

Her performance was also cut short. Ella Mai was still singing her heart out when she was faded off the screen and replaced with commercials. Fans were appalled at the way she was treated and didn't waste any time venting about it on Twitter.

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"I KNOW THEY DID NOT JUST CUT TO COMMERCIAL DURING ELLA MAI’S PERFORMANCE," one angry fan tweeted last night. "Y'all did Ella Mai so dirty," wrote another fan, "How u gone put her on the lil stage like booed up ain’t played 15 times a day."

To add insult to injury, Nicki Minaj got two massive stages for her performance, complete with a jaw-dropping set, backup dancers and crazy outfit changes. 

Fans are putting the BET Awards on blast for "disrespecting" Ella Mai, saying she deserved much better - "#BETAwards did not put Ella Mai on that little ass Nissan stage! She has the biggest song out right now. Put some RESPECT on her name!!!"

Here's more of what Ella Mai's fans had to say:

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