Back in June 2019, there was an interaction between Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Donald Trump, that Canadians just can’t stop thinking about! In a video that went viral, Trudeau can be seen suspiciously coughing and smirking during a meeting with Donald Trump, leading Canadians to wonder, why did Justin Trudeau cough and whether he was subtly trying to mock the President.

As it turns out, President Trump is reportedly a massive germ-freak, and clearly hates anybody coughing in, or around, his space. This was first revealed a week prior to Trump and Trudeau’s infamous meeting when he called out his Chief of Staff for coughing while he was trying to answer an interview question.

In a hilarious viral clip, Trump can be heard saying, “Let’s do that over. He’s coughing in the middle of my answer. I don’t like that…If you’re gonna cough, please leave the room. You just can’t, you just can’t cough.”

Just one short week later, Trudeau finds himself in the President’s office, with a bit of a tickle in his throat! But the way the Prime Minister looks directly at the camera and almost smirks as he catches his cough, lead some Canadians to wonder whether his 'cough' was actually a subtle dig at the President of the United States.

Almost immediately after the clip of Trudeau coughing aired, thousands of Canadians took to Twitter to suggest that the Prime Minister was definitely throwing discreet shade at the President. One Canadian Twitter user wrote, “After hearing how much it annoys Trump when people cough, I would love to believe this was intentional on behalf of my PM.”

Another shared a similar tweet, writing, “Brilliant move by PM Justin Trudeau!  He apparently knows just how much Trump loves it when someone has the audacity to cough in his presence.”

Naturally, the clip went viral pretty quickly, and memes and jokes about the hilarious encounter quickly popped up everywhere online. One pro-Trudeau Twitter user responded to the video to joke, “Watching Justin Trudeau cough in Trumps presence is an 8. Him doing it into his handshake hand? Is a bonafide 10!”

Another poked fun at the supposedly intentional cough, writing, “What are the odds that Trudeau and other world leaders had a side bet as to who could cough in front of Trump first -- and get it on tape!”

One of the things that really got Canadians talking about the viral Trudeau-Trump clip, was the facial expression that Donald Trump following Trudeau’s cough. Genuine or not, Trump made no effort to hide his horror at the cough, making the situation even more hilarious.

One Canadian took to Twitter to say, “Amazing Canadian shade? Check out trumps face when PM Trudeau coughs. F’king Priceless! So glad I’m here for this!"

Another shared a similar tweet, writing, “Trump's suit: $89.99 from The Suit Store. Trump's tie: $1.99 from Sunnyside Thrift Shop. Trump's expression when Trudeau clearly deliberately coughs: *priceless*.”

Another simply said, “The looks on Trump’s face when Trudeau coughs is priceless.”

Whether it was a deliberate cough or not from Prime Minister Trudeau, the clip certainly provided lots of room for jokes and speculation online. 

While it was more-than-likely just a genuine cough during their meeting, Canadians seem to love the idea that Trudeau made a subtle, hilarious dig at the President, and Trudeau hasn't commented otherwise. 

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