Is there any love left for Tim Hortons out there? Sometimes it seems like the beleaguered house of coffee and donuts might never win Canadians back all the way. We already looked at Canadians who broke up with Tim Hortons, why it's so bad, and why they decided they could never go back. Now comes the inevitable follow-up question: where did Tim Hortons lose its way?

Corey Mintz, a food reporter for The Globe and Mail, shared his opinion in Maclean's about how Tim Hortons got it all wrong. What it comes down to is trying to break into a new demographic, keeping ahead of shifting market forces, and looking forward to more automation. 

"While marketing themselves as compassionately Canadian abroad (the equivalent of the American traveller who sews a Canadian flag onto their backpack)," Mintz writes, "at home, the strategy is carnival food to lure in rubes and merciless management to cut costs."

But where does the average Canadian think that Tim Hortons went wrong? What was the breaking point for people who had once displayed nothing but absolute loyalty to the brand? In a Reddit discussion on the Maclean's piece, plenty of users shared the moment they think Tim Hortons totally lost it.

The top answer, which may be the most obvious, pointed out Tim Hortons adding too many menu items as the ultimate point of no return.

As one reply pointed out, this is the same kind of problem that often plagues the worst restaurants on Kitchen Nightmares.

Another user pointed out how the various promos Tim Hortons is running don't even have an internal logic or a clear plan like other fast food restaurants.

One of the classic Tim Hortons staples, the humble donut, is yet another indicator of how the company has strayed.

This also includes varieties of donuts that were popular but aren't being sold anymore.

The biggest sticking point for people, however, seemed to be when Tim Hortons stopped baking anything fresh in their stores.

It's not just the food though. As many people have pointed out, once the coffee started going downhill, all bets were off.

Still, even with everyone pointing out the supposedly wrong path that Tim Hortons has taken, it's hard to deny that it still pulls people in.

No matter what it was that drove these people away, the fact of the matter is that Tim Hortons will probably be around for a long time. The complaints about its quality and how it's not what it used to be will continue for just as long.

Luckily, there are usually plenty of alternatives around for the people who have decided that yes, they can quit Tim Hortons. They're not even looking in the rearview mirror.

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