While humans continue to stay locked inside, it seems that animals are living their best lives. According to experts, the provincial lockdown is currently happening during the mating and migration season for wildlife. This means that it is likely that wild animals in Ontario will see a boost in population over the next year.  

According to The Canadian Press, the lack of human activity will put less stress on wildlife and improve their mating habits.  

Brian McLaren, an associate professor in wildlife at Lakehead University, told the press that "this could be a setup that’s ideal for next year to be a stronger population.”

According to University of Toronto researchers, air quality has gone up 40% in cities since COVID-19 countermeasures have been put in place. The reduced pollution is a plus for the entire ecosystem.

“If air quality improves, native plant survival improves. If plants are doing better, then insect populations are doing better. If insect populations are doing better, the bird populations are doing better,” Emily Rondel, vice-president of the Toronto Ornithological Club, told The Canadian Press

On Monday, Doug Ford announced that the state of emergency in Ontario would be extended by another 28 days.

This means that animals will continue to be able to roam the city for another month as humans stay indoors. 

However, experts still don't have a clear picture of just how much more animals will be roaming around after the pandemic. 

Data on animal population expansion will not be available until at least the fall.

However, it seems that wildlife in Toronto is already taking advantage of the pandemic. 

Videos of coyotes, foxes and deer walking through residential neighbourhoods have been popping up online over the past few weeks. 

A wild moose was even seen wandering around the town of Orillia for multiple days. 

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