Dashcams seem to produce some of the wildest footage. The latest “wow” moment caught on camera was posted to Reddit on Tuesday, June 23, and it shows a B.C. driver swerving through traffic. The driver literally drives in-between vehicles, motorcyclists, and into oncoming traffic. 

Once you see this video, you may want to be extra cautious when driving. 

The video's caption says that the intense scene took place at the beginning of a school zone. It was taken in Maple Ridge, B.C. on June 19, 2020. 

The comments and street signs in the video confirm that it took place by Yennadon Elementary located at 232 Street. 

The dashcam footage is intense, to say the least, and the original poster has confirmed in the comment section that police were contacted and the footage was turned in. 

In the video, you can see the car that is filming driving with two motorcyclists in front of them. 

As they travel through an intersection and past a gas station, a black car drives up beside the passenger side of the car filming, cruising through the bike lane. 

The same black car then swerves in front of the car filming and drives along the yellow middle line and cuts in between oncoming traffic and the two motorcyclists. 

At one point in time, you can see the black car totally in the wrong lane of traffic. 

Narcity spoke with Ridge Meadow RCMP about this incident. 

In an email, the RCMP explained that the detachment received several calls on Friday, June 19, about the specific vehicle. 

Eventually, the vehicle was located and a 35-year-old man was apprehended and “transported to hospital.”

The detachment told Narcity that they couldn’t release any more information due to privacy reasons. 

In the comment section of the Reddit thread, people aren't even surprised that this happened. 

One comment said this happens daily on Abernathy as “people have no patience.”

Another called this display “classic Maple Ridge."

This is hardly the first time a scary driving encounter has been caught on dashcam

In the past, intense incidents have been captured on film including a pedestrian almost getting hit and a semi-truck completely flipping into oncoming traffic

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