Students taking certain spring term courses at a Kitchener-Waterloo university will now need to buy extra gear. The Math Department at Wilfrid Laurier University is making its students acquire a webcam and tripod for upcoming midterms and exams. The new requirement was sent to students in an email and it's causing concern.

In the email, the department says all students must have access to the internet, a computer, a microphone, a standalone webcam with a minimum resolution of 720p, and even a tripod to make sure you're able to capture your work environment. Built-in webcams are not accepted.

"The math department is really telling us that it’s mandatory to buy webcams and tripods that are in short supply because of a pandemic for the course, but I see no price adjustments in my invoice," reads a tweet shared on the Spotted At Laurier account, with a screenshot of an email sent to those taking math courses at the school.

The email clearly states that there are no other alternatives to writing exams besides this needed requirement.

"If you do not already have an external webcam, I strongly advise you to acquire one asap. At the moment, they are in very short supply," reads part of the email sent, also suggesting where to buy.

Many students have shared their thoughts about it on social media.

Among the complaints, some comments state that they can't afford the list of gear.

"If it’s mandatory I feel like Laurier should be supplying them... especially since families have lost their income lol what is life," reads one tweet.

Narcity got in touch with Laurier's media relations spokesperson, Lori Chalmers Morrison, about the new requirements.

"The university has received a number of student inquiries about webcam requirements for August online final exams in Mathematics/Statistics courses," said Morrison.

"The university strives to balance the need for measures to ensure academic integrity during online courses and exams with the technology and financial realities of our students."

"The university will share options with students who face difficulty meeting this requirement and will respond in detail to our students to answer their questions."

Although the federal government implemented the CESB, which provides working students with $1,250 per month until August, some may not qualify. And with added expenses like these, financial assistance is truly needed.

Narcity also reached out to Associate Professor and Chair of the Department of Mathematics, Roman Makarov, who issued the same statement.

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