It’s looking like a very dark and wet start to the weekend for residents of Winnipeg on Friday, as a massive storm is taking over the southern Manitoba. On Thursday, Environment Canada released a severe thunderstorm statement for the area, warning that significant rainfall, hail and strong winds were to be expected by Friday morning. Sure enough, residents of Manitoba have already taken to social media to share pictures and videos of the storm, and it looks pretty intense!

According to an Environment Canada report on Friday morning, “thunderstorms were moving eastwards across southwestern Manitoba,” bringing severe weather conditions with them.

The report explained that “damaging hail, strong winds, torrential rainfall and flash flooding” were to be expected in southern Manitoba throughout the day on Friday.

While the initial activity will have moved out of the region by late Friday morning, this will not be the end of the bad weather for Canadians in Manitoba! Another round of serious thunderstorm activity will develop into Friday afternoon, that has the potential to impact southern Manitoba, and into far southeastern Saskatchewan!

According to Environment Canada, a severe thunderstorm warning is put in place when conditions are favourable for a “dangerous” storm. This means that wind gusts of 90 km per hour or more are expected, as well as the potential for hail of 2 centimetres or larger, and extremely heavy rainfall.

This warning-worthy weather can already be seen in many social media posts, as southern Manitoba residents are sharing pictures and videos of the dark and ominous conditions in their area. 

Other local Twitter users went online to share photos and videos of the terrible rain that was covering parts of the province. One Manitoban shared a video of the torrential downpour, adding the caption, “Massive rain and hail storm just rolled through #Lorette. Was pretty intense."

Another shared a similar image, writing, “That's about as heavy a rainfall as you're going to see in Winnipeg.. absolute deluge pounding the city right now." They added, "My station in Charleswood has recorded 38 mm since 830 am and it's still pouring."

Locals also took to Twitter to warn one another about the dangerous driving conditions on Manitoba’s roads.

One user wrote, "The city of Winnipeg is now under a severe thunderstorm watch. Very heavy downpours in a lot of areas of the city. This video does not do justice just how heavy the rain is."

Another added, “People of Winnipeg: I drive an F150 and barely made it home from the gym. Don’t drive in this."

Environment Canada encourages those in the affected areas to keep up-to-date with all weather warnings, as these weather conditions can be dangerous!

If you’re in southern Manitoba or Winnipeg today, stay safe and try to stay dry!

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