Usually getting a package in the mail is a good thing, you likely ordered it off Amazon so it’s likely something you want. 

But for some people in Manitoba receiving a package in the mail a couple of years ago could have been deadly. 

That’s because a man named Guido Amsel was sending bombs in the mail. 

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Amsel was convicted of 3 attempted murders he tried to commit with the bombs he was sending back in 2015. 

One of them was sent to a lawyer for his ex-wife, the bomb exploded in her office and resulted in her right hand getting severed.

He also sent a bomb to his ex-wife and another lawyer, neither of those bombs detonated though as police got to them first.  

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Amsel said that he was being framed by his ex-wife, who he says was the one who really sent the bombs, but the court disagreed. 

“I am satisfied based on Mr. Amsel’s conspiratorial beliefs about those involved in his civil legal proceedings that he had motive to harm them by sending explosive devices,” said Judge Tracey Lord. 

The case the prosecution made was based on that Amsel wanted to hurt his ex-wife and her lawyers because of a lawsuit over an auto body shop him and his ex-wife co-owned at the time.  

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He said he believed that his ex-wife had stolen millions from him and paid off the lawyers in the case. 

Amsel dropped the lawsuit shortly before sending the bombs. 

Amsel’s DNA was found at two of the bomb sites. 

So there’s your crazy story of the day! 

Source: CityNews

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