Snacking should never be seen as being dangerous. However, one Canadian got an unpleasant surprise while eating a bag of chips. Instead of just the edible contents, he ended up biting down on a thumbtack.

In an August 6 Facebook post, Dave Bayrack claims that a package of Old Dutch chips he bought in Winnipeg contained the hazardous and not-at-all fun surprise.

"Just returned from a trip to Winnipeg where we bought a bag of Old Dutch BBQ chips 255g from a 7-11 on St.Marys Ave on the evening of Monday August 3rd," he writes.

"We were on our way home from dinner with friends and thought snacks and Son's of Anarchy sounded like a relaxing end to the evening. Until I bite into this little beauty......a rusty old thumb tack caked with chip dust!! Thank God it wasn't one of the kids!!"

The post includes photos of the bag and the thumbtack in question.

Bayrack spoke with CTV News and said that he could not see any signs of tampering or open spaces on the packaging.

He also noted that he received what he called a "less-than-stellar" response from Old Dutch when he called to report the incident.

The company reportedly told him to send them the bag and the tack so that they could investigate, but Bayrack did not want to do so without telling someone else first.

"I would have just like to see them at least feel like they were taking this matter a little bit more seriously," he said.

Narcity has reached out to Old Dutch for comment and we will update this story when we receive a response.

Bayrack said that he does plan to send the bag and the thumbtack back to the company, but that he hopes this will bring more attention to food safety.

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency also told CTV that anyone who has an issue with pre-packaged foods should contact them through their website.

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