Early on the morning of Saturday, February 29, three men were viciously attacked four pit bull-like dogs, even though the breed is banned in Winnipeg. The chaotic dog attack outside a Winnipeg motel left two with life-altering injuries. The attack wouldn't stop even as someone tried to run the dogs over with their car and hit them with a bat to stop. Both Police and animal services say that the attack wasn't random, but what happened was harrowing.

"I know lots of people were traumatized just being there," said Police spokesperson Constable Rob Carver at a press conference on Saturday, February 29.

Winnipeg Police were called to the scene at 12:30 p.m. and found three men being viciously mauled by dogs.

One of the men was the owner and another was an acquaintance, reported Global news. Police say there were three adult dogs and one puppy; Winnipeg Animal Services believe the puppy wasn't involved.

Devin Wasnik, who was staying at the motel at the time, rushed outside to help.

He first tried to run the dogs over with his car. When that didn't work, he jumped out and started swinging at them with a bat. The dogs didn't care and kept going after their victims. 

"They didn't want me, even though I was hitting them," Wasnik told the CBC.

Police say the dogs terrorized more people around the lot before fleeing across a highway. One adult and the puppy were hit by cars. The pup survived and was taken to the vet.

Police managed to track down another and shoot it.

"No officer would ever put down a dog with any other option," said Carver.

The last dog was later captured.

Winnipeg Animal Services told Narcity that the surviving adult dog is: "predominantly an American Pit Bull Terrier," which is illegal to own within the city.

"We can confirm that none of the dogs were spayed/neutered or licensed, and that none are believed to have rabies," they continued.

Police and animal services say they have an idea of what caused this to happen, but they didn't elaborate, reported Global News.

“There’s lots of things people can do as pet owners to make sure dogs are friendly. It’s very rare that dogs would attack their own owner," said Leland Gordon, COO of Winnipeg Animal Services, to 680 CJOB.

We reached out to Wasnik and will update when we hear back. Winnipeg Police referred us to Animal Services.

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