It's been a strange week for animal services. Like the plot of a lost Disney movie, authorities found a tiny piglet running through the city streets. The lost Winnipeg pig has been picked up and is living comfortably while they try to find their owner.

Winnipeg animal services found the piglet wandering through the empty city streets on Saturday, April 11.

Leland Gordon, Chief Operating Officer of animal services, told CBC they found the female piglet wandering through Northwest Winnipeg, on Leila Avenue in Garden City.

"The pig has a blanket, she has a nice kennel and we're all hoping of course for a nice, positive outcome for this pig," said Gordon.

Unlike the feral pigs seen in parts of the nation, this young piglet seems to be domesticated.

According to CTV, city officials believe the animal was kept illegally.

"Animals like pigs, goats, donkeys are illegal in Winnipeg," said Gordon to them, explaining that most major cities don't allow you to keep livestock as pets.

If someone does come forward, they'll likely get a ticket, she said.

The piglet is just two to three months old, but the Winnipeg Post says she could grow up to be 400 pounds.

We reached Winnipeg Animal Control for comment, this article will be updated. Winnipeg Lost Dog Alert declined to comment.

The found piglet was posted on Winnipeg Lost Dog Alert's Facebook, where they wrote that the owner had to pick her up within five days. They can only hold livestock for so long.

"If not picked up by owners what will happen to the pig?? Can someone foster or rescue him till he is rescued??" wrote one commenter.

Lost Dog Alert later updated their post, saying they'd found and notified a possible owner on Sunday, April 12.* However, no one has come forward yet — Lost Dog Alert says they'll update if anyone does.

Gordon said she doesn't expect the owner to turn up, but that they've already found several homes willing to take her in.

But for now, this little piggy is living the life. "We’ve been giving it specialized pig food, fruits and vegetables and biscuits (and) lots of love," said Gordon to CTV. "We’re all hoping for a positive outcome."

*This article has been updated.

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