On August 2nd, a Canadian man named Jeffrey David Freiheit went missing during a hiking trip in Germany. Since then, his family has been searching for his safe return. 

Today, it has been confirmed that the missing man's body was finally found by German police. 


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Freiheit went missing on August 2nd after a hiking trip in the Bavarian Alps. Freheit was 32-years-old and from Brandon, Manitoba. He was a known school teacher but he also had extensive experience hiking. According to CTV News, his sister confirmed that Freiheit had hiked to Mount Everest's base camp and even Mount Kilimanjaro. 

The 32-year-old teacher disappeared during a 570 km hike between Munich, Germany and Venice, Italy. The hiking trail is known as the "Der Traumpfad".

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 On Instagram, the avid hiker was checking inr regularly. He posted a video from the trail on August 2nd but failed to check in later that day. A YouTube channel called "Alpine Life" has also been posting updates on Freiheit. They just posted a final video that reveals that Freiheit's body was finally found. 

The video reveals that Freiheit was finally found at the bottom of a ridge on Saturday at 11:36 AM. It appears that he fell off of the ridge and down roughly 50-60 metres. He would've died instantly from the impact. 

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There have been many other Canadian deaths this year from hiking related accidents. 

Just a month ago, three famous YouTubers died when they were hiking Shannon Falls in BC. The deaths came as a shock to the community as the YouTubers were famous for showcasing their daredevil stunts and crazy adventures

Around the same time, a 21-year-old man died after being swept away by a current in BC's Golden Ears Provincial Park. 

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Only two weeks ago, another man was injured when he fell 150 feet down a waterfall in Vernon, BC. He was attempting to take a photo while he was climbing the falls when his phone slipped out of his hands, in an attempt to grab his phone, he fell 150 feet down to the pool at the bottom of the falls.

There have been so many accidents this summer regarding Canadians and risky hikes. This is another reminder to stay safe and extra cautious if you're hiking in unfamiliar areas.

Source: CTV News

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