After a snowstorm hit southern Manitoba last night, part of the province was put under a winter storm warning. It was definitely a messy night for drivers as roads were impacted by the rain and snow, leaving a slushy nightmare. However, that didn't seem to stop two hockey players from playing a little game while they waited in a traffic jam on their way home. A video of a hockey game in a snowstorm has been posted online, and there's honestly nothing more Canadian. 

While the snow was coming down on Thursday night, none of this seemed to worry Aidan Wuerfel and Kade Prud’homme who, while being stuck in traffic, decided to make the most out of this storm.

Wuerfel uploaded a video to Instagram of the two playing a little bit of ball hockey in the middle of the road while they waited for the traffic and the storm to clear up. "Just a regular day in Canada playing puck on the high way 🇨🇦," read the Instagram caption.

Wuerfel told Narcity he was stuck in a messy traffic jam on CentrePort Way in Winnipeg when they decided to start the game. "We were there for 2 and a half hours."

"We were getting kinda bored and our phones were dying and we knew we weren't gonna go anywhere fast," says Wuerfel.

The two were on their way home after practice when they were caught in this predicament and decided to take advantage of the weather. 

"So we decided why not go out and stick handle since we were on the way home from practice."

The storm was so bad that it knocked down a trees and power lines. In fact, more than 27,000 customers were left without power at about 7:30 a.m. Friday morning.

Crews worked overnight to restore power but they anticipated more outages throughout Friday.

"The weather is getting worse and we’re getting more reports of customers without power. Our crews will work through the night but the growing numbers of outages is slowing restoration times. Appreciate your patience as we work hard to get the lights back on. #mbstorm #mboutage" read a tweet sent out last night by Manitoba Hydro.

Although a snowstorm in October sounds pretty wild, these guys didn't seem to mind it.

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