The night market is tonight! So grab your friends and do something different for a change on your Friday or Saturday night. Besides, it closes at midnight so you still have time to rush to the club if you really need too. (Or go to sleep if it's past your bedtime)

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If you can't make it this weekend don't worry, they will have 2 more weekends this summer with the night market taking place. One in July on the 21st & 22nd, and one in August on the 18th & 19th.

If you've never heard about night markets before, learn what it's all about here.

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No night is complete without grabbing a bevy. Plus, if it's cold out, how else are we supposed to warm up? Enjoy some drinks with your food trucks and street food at the beer gardens.

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You can expect to have live entertainment with Karaoke being in the mix! After you hit up the beer gardens, use that liquid courage to show us your best Beyonce or Spice Girls throwback!

The night markets in Vancouver are the biggest in North America so check them out! Their night markets are also known for having crazy good food! Hopefully, we can expect some inspiration from them in Winnipeg!

It's only $5 to get in (yay for us broke people) and goes from 5 P.M. until midnight every night. Kids 12 and under are free. It's located at the Red River Exhibition Park and on tonight May 19th, and tomorrow night May 20th.

Check out the Facebook Event here and the Facebook Page here.


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