Many parts of the country can expect to get cold weather while a few parts are a bit mild but you might not expect huge differences in temperatures. Today, however, winter weather in Canada is all over the place with a 55 C temperature difference between the hottest and coldest places in the country. Some places are feeling more like spring while other places are in the thick of winter weather. 

Even though it's not officially wintertime yet, much of the country has already transitioned to wintry weather. However, it seems like some parts of the country didn't get the memo.

Much of Atlantic Canada is seeing spring-like conditions, while on the other side of the country, cold Siberian air is bringing freezing temperatures to the Prairies and territories. 

On the morning of December 10, Environment Canada reported the national cold and hot spots that showed just how different the weather is across the country.

According to the government agency, the coldest spot right before noon EST was Gamèti Airport, Northwest Territories with a frigid temperature -42.5 C and the warmest was Chéticamp, Nova Scotia with a temperature of 14.9 C.

That's a difference in temperature of 56.4 degrees.

"This is about as extreme of a temperature variation you can really muster across Canada as wildly different air masses battle it out," said The Weather Network meteorologist Tyler Hamilton.

For the territories and Prairies, arctic air is to blame for the freezing cold and an early blast of winter weather.

Cold air coming from Siberia and moving across the pole in a "cross-polar flow" has brought icy conditions to parts of Canada and has made temperatures dip below seasonal for this time of year.  

"Temperatures will feel like some of the coldest January days that we get, especially across parts of Saskatchewan and Manitoba," said Jaclyn Whittal, a meteorologist with The Weather Network.

However, it's a much different story on the east coast.

Atlantic Canada is enjoying spring-like weather while the northern and central parts of the country are freezing. 

With temperatures soaring into the double digits, well above the seasonal norm, there is some rain to deal with.

But a little rain is a perfect trade-off for reaching 14.9 C in December. 

According to TWN, the mild weather won't last for long and things will get much colder and much more seasonal in the weeks ahead.

If you've been lucky enough to have mild weather, don't take it for granted because the reality of winter will soon set in as we near the official start of the season on December 21.

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