A witness to the tragic mass shooting that occurred in Toronto's Greektown district says the gunman had his sights aimed mosty at women.

Andreas Mantzios said he watched the shooter, now confirmed as Faisal Hussien, move along Danforth Ave. during the incident.

"He was shooting at mostly women, 'cause I only saw a couple of guys," he told Global News. "One guy was shot in the back; I guess cause he was shooting crazy . . . It took about an eternity because I guess there were multiple 9/11 calls from everybody."

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Despite the shooter's alleged suspicious behaviour, such has not been confirmed to be related to a gender-related motive as of yet. Unlike the van attack that occurred earlier this year (in which the accused, Alek Minassian, was said to be motivated by 'incel' or misogynist reasons), there is still no motive confirmed for Hussein at the moment.

Toronto Police Chief Mark Saunders says his team is still considering all possibilities with regards to why the shooter's motives.

"I can’t speak to what was in this individual’s mind. We’ll certainly dissect everything,” he said.

Canada's Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale also said that Faisal Hussein was not on any federal watchlists. Other reports also indicate that did he post anything online that could have hinted he would be a threat.

"As far as we’re aware at this stage based on the state of the investigation, which by the way is led by the Toronto Police Service, there is no connection between that individual and national security,” Goodale said to reporters.

Investigators are looking into the suspect's background and are considering all possibilities. So far, Hussein's family has released a statement saying that their son suffered from "severe mental health challenges" such as psychosis and depression.

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Currently, nine people remain in hospital; six of which are listed in critical condition. Although Toronto Police previously reported that they did not believe the incident was random, the shooter still took aim at unsuspecting people on the street as well as people sitting in the restaurants.

Two of the victims have died from the attack and have been identified as 18-year-old Reese Fallon and another 10-year-old from the Greater Toronto Area. A candlelight vigil was held for all the victims on the Danforth on Monday evening.




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