News broke earlier this week that rapper XXXTentacion, real name Jahseh Dwayne Onfroy, was fatally shot in his car while out shopping in South Florida. Onfroy was only 20 years old, and his sudden death was a huge shock to his fans, loved ones, and to the hip-hop community. 

Onfroy was facing over a dozen felony charges, including physically abusing his ex-girlfriend Geneva Ayala. Ayala called the police several times about Onfroy's behaviour, claiming that he brutally assaulted her every single day.

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The details of the assault are very disturbing and could be triggering for some.

According to Page Six, Ayala told police that he "threatened to cut out her tongue and rape her with a barbecue fork." She said that he attacked her "every three to four days" until she became pregnant in 2016.

In her statement to authorities, Ayala said he "beat her at times, choked her, broke clothes hangers on her legs, threatened to chop off her hair or cut out her tongue, pressed knives or scissors to her face, and held her head under water. He would fill a bathtub, dangle a microwave over the water, and threaten to let go.”

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Despite the abuse, Ayala says she's "broken" by her ex's death. She broke her silence yesterday on Twitter, furious with fans who assume that she's "happy or relieved" at the news. 

"it’s disgusting that people are speaking for me," she wrote, "i don’t care if no one cared about me however many months ago, i didn’t lose my life. he did. it’s permanent. i’m still here. like how do you think that makes me feel? everyone expecting me to be relieved or happy?! no, i’m broken."

"i know y’all don’t fuck w me, but this isn’t about me," she continued, "just please stop tagging me in disrespectful threads and arguments. i honestly don’t care for any of the hype. i lost someone close to me. leave me alone."

Ayala even started a GoFundMe page in October 2016 to raise funds for corrective surgery after an aggressive hit to the face left her with several face and eye fractures. 

"there's two fractures in my left eye socket due to an aggressive hit, along with nose and jaw fractures. since these bones are fractured they're piercing into the back of my eyeball causing damage to an optical nerve and my eye itself, " the GoFundMe page reads. But, there's no confirmation that the injuries were caused by the now-deceased rapper.

Source: PageSix



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