York University frosh is only days away - so you'd think the school would be focused on welcoming the students and making the campus as exciting and inviting as possible, right? Wrong. A poster recently displayed in one of the women's washrooms on campus tries to educated students on the danger of excessive drinking, but epically missed the mark. 

The ad was supposed to cover the dangers of substance abuse but instead featured a young woman clutching her phone in panic, with text reading "Don't Try And Keep Up With The Guys" - a phrase which has many people calling the ad sexist. 

The ad also includes 3 mock Instagram photos from the accounts "college girl" and "college guy." The first two posts from the 'female' account feature the girl drinking with the caption "#makingfriends" posted a metaphoric 12hrs ago, followed by a party scene that is captioned "#bingedrinking" 8hrs ago. The last post from the male student is a woman in bed, dressed in her underwear with the caption "#mykindofparty" 4hrs ago. 

The bottom of the ad reads, "It's not just about keeping an eye on your drink, it's watching how much you drink," which many people have claimed perpetuates rape culture, associating alcoholic consumption with sexual assault and rape. One York student shared,  "I wonder if the guy's washroom has an ad telling them not to be f*cking predators?" 

York Region has since removed the ad from their website, as understandably many people have been disturbed by the ad. Mandi Gray, a former student & victim of a high-profile assault case at York University, shared the photo on Tuesday and adding the sarcastic caption, "The message every young woman needs during frosh week has arrived!"

York University has yet to issue an apology for the ad or make any sort of statement. We for one, will be waiting. 

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