If you are looking to escape the cold this winter, Florida is the perfect destination - but you gotta think fast. Swoop, Canada's ultra low-cost carrier is having a massive flash sale right now, but it only lasts for three hours. 

The sale is part of Swoop's brand new Flyday Friday deals, where they offer extra special flight deals, but only for a few hours every Friday. This week the deals are from Ontario to Florida. 

Via Swoop

You can now book a flight from Hamilton, Ontario to either Fort Lauderdale, Orlando, or Tampa, Florida for only $88 one way. There's a bit of a catch, though. You have to fly within in a certain time frame, but this one happens to be perfect for the holidays. 

Today's flash deal includes specific days between November 24th and Dec 13th or January 10th and February 13th, which is the perfect time to escape the winter blues. Especially considering all the snow that was dumped on Ontario last night

With Swoop, the whole deal is that the base fare gets you a spot on the plane and anything else is extra. If you want to choose your seat or bring any luggage, you are going to be paying a little extra. Considering their regular price on flights to Florida, though, this is still a good deal. 

If you don't book during this deal, that exact same flight could cost you anywhere from $199 to $329 one way, so the $88 price tag is an amazing deal.

The deals won't last long, though. In fact, with Swoop's Flyday Friday sale, those extra low prices are only offered from 11 AM - 3 PM MST (which is 1-5 PM in Ontario). If you want to take advantage of this flight to Florida, you better act fast. 

Don't worry if you missed out on this deal or if Florida isn't your dream destination. The new Flyday Friday flash sales are going to be a weekly feature on Swoop with new, limited-time deals announced every Friday at 11 AM MST.

Via Swoop

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