Calling all fried chicken lovers! There's a deal going on today that you do not want to miss. You can get 20 pieces of Popcorn Chicken for only $2 at KFCs across Canada today! So, make sure to head on over to your local KFC today to get in on this unreal chicken deal. 

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The 20 pieces of Popcorn Chicken deal for $2 is available at participating KFC locations all across Canada today only, on Thursday, February 7. If you need to grab some lunch at work or a snack for your study session or in between classes, you now know where to go today for a super cheap meal.

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According to Red Flag Deals, you can only get the $2 deal at KFC between 11 AM and 4 PM local time. 20 pieces of Popcorn Chicken is normally a small size at KFC, which usually costs $6.39 in Toronto. This means you'll be able to get Popcorn Chicken for more than half off its regular price! 

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Popcorn Chicken is one of the popular offerings at KFC Canada, and is a chicken nugget meal. "Our world- famous recipe, bite-sized and full of flavour inside and out," says the company on their website. "It makes for a great snack for adults, and a fun meal for kids. Enjoy à la carte, or in a combo." 

Besides Popcorn Chicken, there are several other fried chicken items available at KFC Canada. They offer hot wings, chicken tenders, chicken sandwiches, wraps and more. There is also a wide selection of sides to accompany your fried chicken meal, such as fries, mashed potatoes, corn and several other options. 

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To find out more information about KFC Canada or to find the nearest location to you, you can visit KFC's website

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