An Ottawa driver lost their job and could be facing charges after a video of them splashing pedestrians went completely viral yesterday. 

Anyone who has walked outside after a big rainfall knows the fear of being splashed by puddles. When a car accidentally goes through a huge puddle at a fast speed it can create a massive wave and soak pedestrians. But what some people might not know is splashing people intentionally is actually illegal in some places in Canada. 

The driver from the video in Ottawa is learning that the hard way. In Ottawa, or even Ontario for that matter, there aren't any specific laws that mention splashing pedestrians but according to police, they could pursue mischief charges if there is proven intent like there is in the video. 

While Ottawa may not have a specific splashing law, there are three places in Canada that actually do. In Prince Edward Island, Saskatoon, and Regina there are laws dedicated specifically to cars splashings pedestrians. 

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In PEI's Highway Traffic Act, it says that "no person shall, while operating a vehicle on a highway, splash pedestrians or other persons with water, slush or mud." The fine for doing so can up to $500. 

In Saskatoon and Regina, each city has it's own bylaws which make it illegal to splash a pedestrian with mud, slush, or water either by driving through a puddle or spinning a car's tires. In Saskatoon, the fine is only $90 but in Regina, anyone charged with this has to go to traffic court where a judge will determine the penalty. 

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While those are the only places in the country with expressly written laws about splashing, there are other ways you could be charged under each provinces traffic laws like in the case of the driver in Ottawa.

Pedestrians who want to try and make a claim against a driver who splashed them must have at the very least the license plate of the offending car or other identifying information, like a video. 

Source: Autotrader

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