If you thought Canadians couldn't get any nicer you'd be very wrong. 

That's because you can volunteer to become a "snow angel" and help out your neighbours during the country's very harsh and very long wintry months.

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Snow Angels Canada started as an experiment in kindness.

Snow Angels Canada 

Snow Angels Canada, a community-led organization, is looking for volunteer 'snow angels' to "make Canada even friendlier" this season.  

Instead of laying in the snow flailing your arms back and forth, you'll be shovelling the white stuff for your neighbours. 

According to its website, the organization began in London, Ontario, as a kindness experiment. Four years later it went Canada-wide.

They note that other municipalities and similar organizations may have their own programs with the same kind of idea when it comes to snow removal, but say it can get tricky. 

"They are often prohibitively expensive and bureaucratic. This is simply an alternative, a community fuelled tool to connect neighbours and their neighbourhood," the website read.

If you want to become a snow angel all you have to do is type in your postal code under "become a volunteer" and register to be connected to people near you.

The same goes for if you or someone you know is a senior or a person in need who wants to be connected to a volunteer.

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