It's time to feast your eyes on the Canadian skies because another meteor shower is going to be gracing the stars in November. That's right! Canadians across the country can watch the Leonid meteor shower and witness the magic of the night sky next month.

The Leonid meteor shower actually can be seen in Canada annually, typically drawing a large crowd across the country. 

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While the Orionid meteor shower is visible in Canada until October 30th, the Leonid showers will only be seen on Saturday, November 17th and in the early hours of Sunday, November 18th, as it is every year. 

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According to Space.comthose watching this year can expect to see 15 meteors streak across the sky and though you can see the shower from the southern hemisphere, the best show is actually up north. 

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This shower is made up of gravel-sized bits of dust, ice and debris in space that burn and produce bright meteors upon colliding with Earth's atmosphere. The reason that the shower happens every year is because of the earth's rotation and eventual meeting with the Comet Tempel-Tuttle.

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While it's always best to head out of the city to ensure you can see the show without light pollution, the meteors will burn so bright that Canadians in big cities can watch the show without equipment. Just remember that since meteors can take a while to spot that you may want to bundle up and sip on some hot chocolate to keep warm this November 17th! 

Source: Space

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