When you think of clinical psychopaths, images of Hannibal Lecter, A Clockwork Orange or Christian Bale in American Psycho pop into your head. And if you're a fan of either of those quintessential psychopaths, you'll likely recall that both were fans of classical music and classic rock.

But a new study conducted by researchers at New York University found that if you're a Belieber, you have a greater chance of possessing psychopathic tendencies than let's say a Marilyn Manson fan. That's right, none of Manson's songs made the list.  

This study found that fans of classical music do not have higher psychopathic tendencies than most people, but people with psychopathic tendencies do gravitate to certain kinds of music, and even certain songs in particular. 

Based on a series of questions and tests conducted on a fairly small study group of 200 people, researchers at NYU found that people with the highest psychopath scores were the greatest fans of songs like No Diggity by Blackstreet and Lose Yourself by Eminem. 

We're sure you're probably freaking right out about right now, or maybe deleting a few songs off your playlist lest they be used in a case against you one day🙄...

But if these aren't some of your all-time faves, maybe Justin Bieber's What Do You Mean? makes your list of best songs. And if it did, then congratulations, you might also have some psychopathic tendencies! 


So how about songs that you might like that won't mark you as a psychopath? Well, the list of "non-psychopathic" songs is quite interesting (and strange). 

Songs that made the cut for the least psychopathic tendencies include My Sharona by The Knacks and Titanium by Sia. 

Seriously, wtf. If any song screams psychopath, it's probably My Sharona. Just saying. 

Just to be clear, you shouldn't go diagnosing yourself based on how much you love or hate any of the above songs. Researchers claimed that the objective of the study was to find a robust way to help identify people who might have the disorder, which is a very slim percentage of the population, accounting for about 1% of people. 

So continue rapping out to Lose Yourself as much as your little heart wants to, you little psychopath. 

Source: The Guardian 

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