A Canadian company is setting the record straight after questions about its products. Zytec hand sanitizer isn't actually bug spray like people seem to think it is. So, don't worry, you're getting what you're paying for.

On its website, zytec Germ Buster clarified the situation surrounding its products and explained that the packaging on the hand sanitizer spray bottles is repurposed.

It was originally produced and labelled for other products, like bug spray but had never been used.

All the packaging meets Health Canada's standards and the company's seven products are on the government agency's list of authorized hand sanitizers.

Katie Jakes, a Richmond, B.C. resident, was sure that the spray she got wasn't hand sanitizer.

She actually scrubbed off the label which revealed a second one that said insect repellent.

"It smells very lemony, so it reminds us almost of like a citronella bug spray, bug repellent," Jakes told CTV News.

The company has been hearing from others who want to verify that the product is what it should be.

On Instagram, zytec Germ Buster said in a post that "in some cases we have used available empty cans that had already been printed for other products."

Then its own labels were applied over the cans.

The green/white aerosol can, the orange aerosol can and the one-gallon jug are the products with repurposed packaging.

Jakes believes that this situation could have been avoided with clearer information.

"Put it on the label. It's so easy," she said.

However, the company says otherwise.

Steve Colwell, zytec Germ Buster's technical director, told CTV News that you can't really add extra things to a label that's already been approved by Health Canada.

Even if the hand sanitizer you've bought is one that has repurposed packaging, it has never had other products in it before.

What's inside is always sanitizer, according to the company.

Health Canada's list of authorized hand sanitizers currently has almost 3,000 entries.

It's also updated daily from Monday to Friday.

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