This generation is thoroughly blasted with advertisement and false information daily for a reason that should be a no-brainer to guess, profit. Being brainwashed to buy toys or to order the newest magazine is not too bad,but when it comes to your health, this is unacceptable! These popular foods are thought to be better for your body, but sadly they cheap nfl jerseyswill only contribute to wreck how it works and help destroy your hard achieved gainz.

1. Transformed soy bean products

When it comes to soy milk, tofu, soy bean protein powder, it's a complete no-no, that is if you are not interested in higher chances of cancer, sounds fun! Soy also increases your estrogen, not a good thing for building muscle and burning fat.

Image by: United Soybean Board

2. Anything containing the word "diet"

Diet soda, diet yogourt, diet anything doesn't mean low calorie. The sugar is often replaced by aspartame, which side-effets include migraines, psychological disorders and cancer in the long-run.

3. Bananas

I'm not saying bananas are the worst thing to eat, but timing it bad is... bad. They are filled with carbs, energy you can use if you time it 1 to 2 hours before the gym, but if you don't train or won't do any exercise in that day and your diet already contains all the calories you need, bananas can help bring you into a caloric surplus. That energy will not be used, so it will be stored as *drumroll* fat.

Ohhhh... Banana - Donkey Kong

4. Turkey bacon

If you buy this because you think it is a better alternative to bacon, stop, drop, and roll because you just got burned by faulty ads. They are so high in sodium that you should rather take regular pork bacon.

Image by: Kim Ahlström

5. Bottled water

Lacking important minerals, cyanide from the plastic if heated, and fills our oceans with pollutants? Case closed.

Image by: Chris Brown

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