Most of you, especially women, do not meet the adequate daily amount of water needed to function in an optimal manner. “If I don’t have health issues or warning signs, I don’t see why drinking more of this dull substance should make a difference” you may say, but the advantages of staying highly hydrated may change your mind forever regarding water consumption.

Just like a pool backwash

As a comparison, your pool water may seem clean, but if you would flush some out you will notice it is noticeably dirtier than clear water, which strains your filters since the water accumulated impurities over time. Same goes with the water in your system, the less you flush it out, and the more toxin accumulates since less water is available to dissolve it all. Your kidneys and urinary system will greatly appreciate filtering cleaner fluids, making their effectiveness and lifespan considerately higher. To give you an idea, the clearer your urine is when going to the bathroom, the better hydrated you are, except if you are consuming multivitamins high in vitamin B, which will almost automatically turn it in a radioactive glow in the dark yellow color.

In addition, it will energize your muscles, make your skin look better, make you digest more proficiently while reducing constipation risks, and make you lose weight.

Weight loss

No, drinking water does not have a correlation with burning adipose tissues (fat). The good news is by drinking water, you are not drinking beverages high in sugar, which has a direct correlation with fat gain.

Not only beverage substitution work, but drinking large amounts of water will cancel water retention. What does that mean in English?

The salt in your diet needs water for it to dissolve in your system, so if your salt levels are high, your body will grab onto the available water to regulate it. This makes you lose muscle definition and your scale makes the number higher than it actually is. By drinking more water on a regular basis, your body is capable of containing the salt situation and is okay with flushing fluids as sweat and urine, since it now knows more water will be available soon, making these abs show a bit more.

For an extra kick, drinking water that is ice cold temperature will require your metabolism to heat it. As your metabolism tries to keep its temperature constant while doing so will make you burn extra calories!

How much do I need and how much is too much

Like I said earlier, monitoring the color while making your bladder gladder is the simplest test, but multiplying your weight in pounds by 0.55 will give you a good starting quantity of water in ounces you should drink daily. If you are exerting physical work such as playing sports or training, you should consume water before, during and after; a beverage containing 6-10% carbohydrates is also better during physical efforts lasting longer that an hour. The intake of diuretics like coffee, tea, soft drinks and pre workout formulas will make you lose more water, so you should consider hydrating yourself more if you are a regular consumer of these products.

How much is too much you say? Healthy kidneys can only process about 30 ounces of filtering per hour, hanging in this range water consumption brings you to the danger zone, because your salt and electrolyte levels would be too low for your body to function properly. That’s why you should spread out your water consumption during the day and not drinking it all at once!


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