Has dating been hard for you during the pandemic? Why not make a website dating profile like this Ottawa woman did for her friend?

Nora Duguid told Narcity all about the website she made for her single buddy Kevin without him knowing.

"I started creating the website jokingly with input from my friends who know and love Kevin, and when it was finished I thought: why not post it to Reddit," said Duguid.

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Kevin’s dream woman is kind, passionate about her hobbies and interests, and is interested in a stable, long-term relationship.

Nora Duguid

"While dating apps can help find true love, they are not always the best way to find someone looking for a commitment," said Duguid.

"In my 'application form' I was able to gauge whether people are looking for something long-term, and also whether they are willing to date safely in the time of COVID-19," she said.

The website highlights all of Kevin's great qualities — a nice guy who does yoga, is a vegetarian, likes caring for houseplants and pets, and is clean and organized.

There are also testimonies about Kevin from his friends, about him being "tender, thoughtful" and an "amazing baker."

Duguid told Kevin about the website before launching it and he was "touched," she said.

Ladies, if Kevin sounds like he could be your prince charming, what are you waiting for?! Fill out the application!

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