So close, yet so far. A newly-engaged couple who are currently socially distancing in separate countries have found the cutest date-night solution. Surrounded by U.S. Border Patrol guards, Canadian resident Savannah Jolayne and her Washington-based fiance Ryan have been meeting up at the border and it’s seriously couple goals. 

Narcity reached out to Jolayne via email to see how the dates have been going so far.

“The first time we met up I cried the biggest crocodile tears one has ever seen. It's so hard to be so close yet so far,” the British Columbia resident shared via email. 

The couple, who met through the dating app Hinge one year ago, were separated just two weeks after their March 1 engagement. 

“I had been in Washington visiting Ryan, we were doing our wedding registry and came back that day to find out that the government was recommending anyone who has been outside of Canada to quarantine for 14 days,” Jolayne tells Narcity.

“This was just at the cusp of everything being taken seriously and it was not a requirement to stay home, just a recommendation, but considering my job involves working with the elderly I knew it would be best to stay home and Ryan stay in the U.S.”

Since then, they've had to postpone their wedding and honeymoon trip to Europe.

B.C. resident Jolayne posted a video of her cross-border date on TikTok and the reaction was more than she expected.

The video now has over 300,000 views and has left some wondering what's stopping the pair from simply walking across the border. 

“People seem really surprised by how "unprotected" the border appears to be (but) U.S. Border Patrol is actually always there. There's always one stationed near one of our usual spots, and others drive by every few minutes,” Jolayne shared with Narcity.

“For the most part, they are very friendly and understanding, as long as you are respecting the borderline."

But, despite the guards' presence, this Canadian-American couple has found creative ways to stay apart, together. 

Jolayne adds that it takes both her and her fiance around 20 minutes to drive to the meeting point.

“We started by just going for walks and having picnics with the ditch between us. We both like to longboard/skateboard so we do that lots,” Jolayne says.

“We're planning on going for a run soon...gotta make sure my wedding dress still fits after quarantine. We also introduced our parents for the first time, that was really special for both of us and our parents as well."

So even with border patrol thrid-wheeling every date, this adorable couple has managed to make it work in this weirdest of times we're in.

How's that for an international love story?

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