While barbers and hairdressers have to close up shop, tons of people are taking up clippers in desperation. Some of the results were ... not so great. Now, one Vancouver barber is sharing how to cut your hair on your own so you can keep looking fresh, even if you can't make it in for a cut right now.

Farzad Salehi from Farzad's Barber Shop spoke to Narcity about how to feel in control when your hair is out of control. His shop is in the heart of Yaletown and has been a fixture of the community for over a decade.

After fleeing the Iranian revolution, he saved enough to open shop in Vancouver. His mastery of the straight razor earned him fans fast — so many that now, you'll have to book days in advance to get a spot.

Salehi knows a thing or two about hair and has over 70,000 Instagram followers who tune in for his tips.

"First of all, we have to make sure we have proper tools," he said. This means getting out your scissors or clippers.

Just make sure you're using clippers meant for cutting hair; small beard trimmers won't do the trick. As for scissors, any pair able to cut paper will suffice.

Next, set yourself up in the bathroom for easy cleanup. He recommends getting two mirrors so you can watch over both the front and back.

Get your hair damp not too wet, not too dry collect your tools, and go at it.

"One thing to remember: you can always cut more," said Salehi. "Don't forget that. If you cut very little, you can cut more. If you go and take a chunk off ... you'll have to grow it back."

Next, he said, you should always start cutting on the side you're least comfortable with. If you're right-handed, start trimming the left side of your head.

"If you do a good job on the side you're comfortable, that'll be hard to match on the other side," he told Narcity.

Take it slow. Cut off small pieces at a time, making sure to match both sides.

"Don't be rash. Don't try to do it quick. Take your time," he said.

And if you're cutting bangs, always be aware of your hairline. It's easy to cut bangs lopsided or have the line too high, he said.

Worst case scenario and the haircut goes left, Salehi said you can always rock a buzz cut. You'll be indoors for a while anyway, he said, and hair always grows back. Now's the perfect time to experiment.

After all, "you're not at the barbershop," he said. "You're not looking for a perfect haircut."

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