We hope you've been saving your pennies. The most expensive Vancouver home for sale right now is fantasy worthy and you need to see it. The massive mansion has more amenities than most hotels and it even has a waterfall. Just see for yourself. 

Along with having amazing hikes and scenery, B.C. is known to house some massive, luxurious houses. 

Anyone who is looking for the lifestyle of the rich and the famous in Canada often heads west to Vancouver. Even the royal family loves it. 

The most expensive house for sale right is mind-blowing, it's hard to even imagine living there. 

Coming in at $58,000,000, this home is not for those who like to hide their wealth. 

Equipped with five bedrooms and an astonishing 12 bathrooms, this Point Grey home in West Vancouver is situated on 21,977 square feet of land. 

Walking into this home feels like you’re walking into a hotel —especially with the massive double doors. 

Upon entrance, there's a massive staircase and a piano. Of course. 

Everything is a mixture of white, black, and gold which really adds to the luxury of everything. 

A massive gold chandelier with mock candles hangs from the ceiling that gives serious Beauty and the Beast vibes. 

Each room is huge and there's enough space to bring all our friends and family over. 

The windows are all floor-to-ceiling and the bathroom, equipped with a glass shower, is even full of windows so you always have a view. 

Don’t worry, the huge plot of land is pretty secluded so no one will be able to see you showering. 

When we say this pad has more amenities than a hotel, we mean it. 

With a library, hot tub, gym, wine cellar, and a private elevator, you never have to leave the house. 

Naturally, there's an indoor pool that's just screaming for a pool party. 

The outside is just as large and in charge and there’s even a waterfall in the back. 

Not to mention there’s ample deck space that looks onto the ocean. 

If you own this place, chances are you have tons of vehicles so in order to accommodate, there are six parking spaces available. 

Even with a huge lottery win, this home might be a stretch. But at least we can dream about it. 

Belmont Mansion 

Price: $58,000,000

Address: 4743 Belmont Ave., Vancouver, BC

Description: Not leaving your house is so on brand right now. And with a pad like this, you'll never have to go anywhere. 

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