There’s nothing better than looking at all the amazing real estate on the market. Right now, there’s a B.C. lakefront cabin for sale that has its own private beach and honestly, it’s goals. The price isn’t as bad as you may think especially when you consider where you'll be living.

B.C. has amazing lakes and beaches.

One of the many gorgeous bodies of water in the province has a lakefront property for sale right now. 

For $519,900, this Christina Lake home could be yours. And yes, you’ll have private access to the beach. 

The three-bedroom, two-bathroom, 740 square foot home is of the “best value on the lake,” according to the listing. 

It’s a whole lot cheaper than a home in Vancouver and is arguably even bigger. 

The home is situated in the middle of a lush forest filled with cedar, fir, and ponderosa pine. It’s definitely for those of you that enjoy the outdoors.

It’s also perfect for anyone that wants to escape the city life since you’ll have this exclusive pad all to yourself with almost no neighbours.

The home itself is cute and has massive windows which will allow the sunshine to brighten everything all day long. 

The open-concept living ensures there’s a welcoming environment for you and your guests. 

Clean and sleek, every part of the space has been utilized to ensure nothing goes to waste. 

There are even bunk beds that allow for more space for all your activities.


The back windows face right onto the incredibly blue lake and across the way, you can see the rugged mountains. 

In the winter months, these beauties will be covered with snow, making it feel like you’re living your Frozen fantasy. 

In the yard is a massive staircase that leads directly to the water. 

There’s a cute little spot to sit and relax and with all the seclusion, you could make your own nude beach.

The dock is also big enough that you could tie a boat or paddleboard to it. 

If none of this tickles your fancy, you can always hit up one of the many trails around the area for some even better views. 

Seriously, this lakefront property is what dreams are made of. 

Christina Lake Home 

Price: $519,900

Address: 2156 West Lake Dr., Christina Lake, BC

Description: Your very own private beach. Need we say more?

View Here


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