If you've been on the hunt for Calgary apartments for rent, it might be time to set your sights on a few more bedrooms. 

New data by HomesForRent shows what rental prices looked like in YYC for October 2020. The data is compared to the previous period and shows how much the cost has increased or decreased. 

Prices of apartments and home rentals have gone down, while condo and townhome prices have either gone up or stayed relatively similar. 

The price of 1-bedroom apartments has gone down by 5.10%, landing the average price at $950 with a minimum of $300 and a maximum of $3,039. Somehow, the maximum for 4-bedrooms is way lower. 

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Maximum price for 4-bedrooms

The minimum for a 4-bedroom is $850 and the average is $1,328. 

This data is pulled from the rentals listed on HomeForRent, so it could be the result of a couple of unicorn rentals in the month of October. 

Regardless, the data shows that prices of apartment rentals have dipped slightly for one, two, and three bedrooms and significantly for four or five bedrooms. 

If you check out the current listings in Calgary, there are pages and pages to choose from. 

The current average for rent on the site is $1,148 for apartments. 

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