There are two kinds of dream houses. The first is the kind that we could afford one day, like a modest townhouse, for example. The second is the kind that we always wanted in our wildest dreams when we were kids. We're looking at a Canadian castle for sale today that falls into the wildest dreams category. Each room in this palace is more insane than the last.

This mega castle is exactly what a modern fairy tale is made of. The massive property is full of so many unique features that each room will blow your mind.

There's so much more than your average grand foyer inside. Every single space is so OTT, so extra and extravagant that we're pretty sure an eight-year-old Disney fan helped to draw up the plans.

Close to Montreal, this place is perfect if you're an eccentric millionaire looking to invest in the Quebec property market.

The house comes fully furnished and it has two floors, a basement, and a massive loft above the five-car garage.

Plus, there's a real-life indoor oasis complete with a swimming pool, spa, waterfall, sauna and a tiki bar.

This castle is really fit for a king; take a look inside and see how each room gets progressively wilder than the last.

There's this study with a library that Belle from Beauty and the Beast would be happy to explore.

It takes a few moments to realize that this expansive room is actually a bathroom. See the shower in the right-hand corner?

No crazy mansion is complete without an indoor pool oasis. Not pictured: the actual tiki bar inside.

The exterior of the home is even more breathtaking. Is that a tiny island inside a swimming pool? It doesn't get much wilder than this when it comes to Canadian real estate.

Canadian Castle

Price: $4,988,000

Address: 5 Rue Dublin, Candiac, QC

Description: This magical house is like something out of a kid's dream and each room is wilder than the next.

View Here

This article was originally published in French on Narcity Quebec

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