If you dream of owning a beach house on an island but can't afford one on your salary, this might give you hope. This cheap cottage for sale in Ontario is right in the heart of a sandy shoreline paradise. And you don't have to be anything close to a millionaire to afford it.

1 Esban Lane is located on Christian Island in Georgian Bay. It's a woodsy cottage plucked right out of a summertime daydream.

The "Cuba-looking" home is surrounded by prisine beaches and turquoise waters, says the listing.

As with most cottages on the water, this spot’s biggest highlight is its location. The three-bedroom and one-bathroom log cabin puts you super close to the beach.

The bay is celebrated for its crystal clear blue colour, so you’ll get all those ocean vibes without the sea monsters.

The interior of the cottage is rustic and cozy, with plain wooden walls, warm lighting and big windows. It also comes with all the essentials, including a fridge, a stove, an oven, and a microwave.

You’ll get the traditional Ontario getaway experience here, relaxing on a spacious front porch and cuddling up by the fireplace.

It’s worth noting that the cottage is leased on native land, which means you won’t have to pay any taxes on it.

However, the lease renews every 30 years for $5000; 21 years are remaining on the current one.

Isolated cottages have become something of a hot commodity in Ontario in recent months, realtor Steven Sarasin told Narcity. He's had an influx of interested buyers in these properties compared to last year.

Sarasin's property, a rustic waterfront cabin with a private deck on Fox Island, is on the market for just $75,000.

These land-leased island properties give millennials a chance to snap up summer cottages without breaking the bank.

Ontario Beachfront Cottage

Price: $250,000

Address: 1 Esban Lane, Christian Island, Ontario

Description: A classic summer vacation house on an island, steps from pristine shorelines and crystal blue waters.

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