If you’ve been looking for a super-affordable and super-unique property, look no further. This mega cheap house for sale in New Brunswick is just steps from the beach and has a huge lighthouse in the backyard. 

Located in the village of Le Goulet, this blue and white home is just a stone's throw from the nearby beach.

It’s got four bedrooms and one bathroom, as well as a large entrance hall, a good-size kitchen, a dining room and a living area.

While the inside is somewhat impressive, it's the backyard that's truly special. 

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In the backyard of this home, not only is there a shed, a garage and a gazebo, there’s also a lighthouse!

Although these outdoor features currently need a little bit of refurbishment, there’s real potential here to create something magnificent. 

The property overall needs some decorating and a little TLC, but you’re likely to have plenty of cash leftover in your budget.

If you're a fan of the vintage-vibes, you can even get all of the home's current furniture thrown in for free!

This place is on the market for just $69,000, which seems pretty affordable when similar-sized properties in Toronto cost almost $1 million.

Bargain Beach House

Price: $69,000

Address: 10 Rue du Phare, Le Goulet, NB

Description: This affordable home needs a little bit of work, and you'll need to have some vision to see its potential. That said, it's seriously unique and has an impressive price-tag, too!

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