As children, we all had outlandish ideas about what we wanted in a home one day. Some of us wanted movie theatres, some of us wanted slides instead of stairs. Now that we're older, we're realizing that some people actually have those things, so our dreams might not have been so outlandish, after all. When we look at Edmonton homes for sale, a specific property stands out to our childhood selves. 

Located in Parkland, this custom-built home sits on top of two acres and is 6,880 square feet itself.

There are six bedrooms, six bathrooms, an attached quad garage and an additional three-car garage, and fencing around the entire property.

There is also a three-tiered deck and the yard is basically a park because it’s so huge and beautiful.

Between the grand entrance and the even grander kitchen, this place is as elegant as they come. Though, it has a couple of interesting features that are perfect for anyone with Peter Pan syndrome.

For example, there is a movie theatre that is painted bright red and has retro cinema-themed carpeting. In addition, there is a huge tube slide to take you from floor to floor.

We don’t know about you, but we’d rest easy if we never saw another stair again.

The rest of the home is perfect for the distinguished adult that you are. For example, the master bedroom has a closet so huge that you could probably rent it to a student for $1000 a month.

We should mention, this home is on the market for $3,495,000, so renting out every room might not be a bad idea. 

There is also a giant laundry room with two sets of washers and driers. If that's not the adult equivalent of an indoor slide, we don't know what is.

In addition, there is more than enough room for a skating rink in the back yard in the wintertime. 

Basically, this property is perfect for anyone who has kids or who likes to live like a really wealthy kid. 

Custom Edmonton Estate 

Price: $3,495,000

Address: 51222 Range Rd. 260, Parkland, Rural Parkland County, AB

Description: This elegant mansion will keep you young as you dive into the million-dollar real estate market — and into that slide. 

View Here

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