Imagine a home that looks like the headquarters of the next major Bond villain. Now imagine finding that house on Canada's east coast. This Nova Scotia house for sale is exactly the kind of place where someone might explain a world domination plot.

With rocky cliffs descending into the Atlantic ocean on one side and over 40 acres of wilderness on the other, it's safe to say that this house is private.

While it may be out of the way, this is no quaint country home. With 6000 square feet of space, there's tons of room for secret laboratories or maybe a games room.

The entire property has a modern look that wouldn't be out of place in a spy movie or even a futuristic science fiction story. The combination of glass and concrete touches throughout provide a feeling of luxury without being ostentatious.

In spite of that, this is a real house that anyone can buy (providing they are willing to shell out $6,450,000, which seems reasonable for a mansion like this).

The home boasts three bedrooms and five bathrooms, not to mention heated floors throughout the interior.

The giant kitchen is also something to be marvelled at, with modern appliances that go great with the rest of the house.

This massive and impressive home was also built with a rolled zinc roof to protect against the harsh maritime winter weather.

The biggest selling points, however, are the massive windows placed all over the property, overlooking the power of the ocean. 

On top of everything else, the house itself is only a 20-minute drive from Halifax, meaning that anyone who moves in has easy access to one of Canada's most popular cities.

If you really want to share your home's accomplishments, you can also point to the fact that this house was featured in a 2014 issue of Architectural Digest.

115 Gill Cove Road, Ketch Harbour, Nova Scotia

Price: $6,450,000

Description: The kind of house you would think only exists in movies, but you can actually live there.

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