Escape to the country. If you’ve always dreamed of leaving the city behind and enjoying life among nature, look no further. This house for sale in New Brunswick is located right beside the water, and it’s a true nature lover’s paradise. The best part is, it costs less than $170,000!

If you thought a dreamy waterside home would surely cost a fortune, think again.

There’s a cottage for sale in New Brunswick that’s located just steps from the water's edge, but it comes with a surprisingly affordable price tag.

On the market for just $169,900, this gorgeous home is a dream-come-true for anybody who loves getting lost in nature, and who wants to escape the hustle and bustle of the city.

Located in Saint-Basile, the waterfront home sits upon the Saint John River.

Described by the real estate listing as “a true haven of peace,” the property offers extraordinary views of the green lake and surrounding forestry.

The property itself is pretty outstanding, too. It’s been specifically designed out-front to make the most out of the life-affirming views, with extra-large windows facing the water.

There’s two bedrooms inside, with the potential to add a third, as well as a bathroom, kitchen and open living area. A covered front porch means that you can admire your surroundings rain or shine.

Not only is this a haven for nature-lovers, but this place also offers many opportunities for sports, exercise and recreation.

Private access to the river will allow you to swim, kayak and canoe in the summer months, and skate, skate, skate through the winter.

Nearby, you’ll be able to ski and hike during the snowy periods, as there’s an abundance of local trails and sporting opportunities.

Listed at just $169,900, this place is surprisingly cheap. With such incredible views, sizable rooms, and the opportunity to expand even further, it's a real steal.

With some Toronto condos costing more than $1 million, you're getting real value for your money in The Picture Province!

It’s also worth noting that this home is accessible to everybody, including people with mobility problems.

There’s an on-site elevator that can take you all over the property, so you’ll be able to enjoy every small corner of your very own natural haven.

Nature Lover's Paradise

Price: $169,900

Address: 523 ch. Platin-des-Albert, Saint-Basile, NB

Description: This quiet and peaceful paradise would be the perfect home for anybody who just wants to get lost in nature. While the views are priceless, the house is surprisingly affordable!

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