Wouldn't it be great to wake up every morning feeling like you were living in your very own personal fairytale? From the charming brick mansions nestled away in a forest, to a gated property that just screams royalty, there are multiple Ontario mansions for sale right now that look like they should be in a storybook. If you're looking to move into something a little more luxurious, there are plenty of great Ontario properties that are worth checking out. 

While these properties are sure to ignite your inner Disney fan, if you're planning on living out of a storybook, it will cost a bit more than an average home. While some of these fairytale properties are cheaper than others, all of them are asking for multi-millions to be able to call them place your own. 

So whether you're looking to find the perfect home with your Prince Charming, or if you're just here to drool over the photos, these properties are going to make you wish you lived in a fairytale of your own. 

So hop into your magical pumpkin, and make sure you don't wait until the clock strikes midnight to take a look at all of these breathtaking listings. 

29 Bayview Rdge (Toronto)

Price: $13,800,000

Listed by: Forest Hill Real Estate & REW

You can feel like royalty in this mansion in North York. With a brick exterior, manicured lawns and a swimming pool, the outside of this home looks like something straight out of a storybook. 

Of course, the inside also gives off that royalty vibe, with a winding staircase that would be the perfect place to descend in your ballgown or suit to meet your guests. 

Site: REW

23-1158 Ranwood Road (Muskoka Lakes)

Price: $5,595,000

Listed by: Elise S. Kalles & REW

With chandeliers in almost every room, this property just screams elegance. With massive windows and white walls, the entire home feels super airy, giving it a cottage vibe that you would see in storybooks. 

Sitting right on the water, this property is tucked away into the forest, making it easy to make some woodland creature friends. 

Site: REW

29 Forest Hill Road (Toronto)

Price: $13,680,000

Listed by: Elise S. Kalles & REW

This brick exposed mansion nestled into the Casa Loma area of Old Toronto is the perfect place to start living your fairytale life. 

Built in the same community as an actual castle, this home not only has cozy fireplaces and charming bedrooms but also features a perfect walk-in closet with a place to showcase all of your shoes. Every storybook character's dream! 

Site: REW

1175 Hamill's Point Road (Muskoka Lakes)

Price: $4,795,000

Listed by: Paul Heenan & REW

This not-so-little cottage nestled into the forest and overlooking the water is exactly where you could expect to spot Snow White wandering around with her seven dwarfs. 

Surrounding by a charming forest, and featuring a stone fireplace, it is the perfect property to pretend you're living in a fairytale. 

Site: REW

43 Russell Hill Road (Toronto)

Price: $11,500,000

Listed by: Cathy Gilda Kwinter & REW

Everything from the green ivy to the elaborate staircases gives off that amazing storybook vibe. 

Not to mention the garden with the perfectly trimmed hedges that make you feel like you're walking through castle grounds. 

Site: REW

620 Sunset Beach Road (Richmond Hill)

Price: $7,888,000

Listed by: Alecia Charny & REW

It's time to hop in your pumpkin and travel down to the water. This jaw-dropping property is everything you could hope to have in a storybook palace. From exposed brick to bright windows, this home will make you feel like you are truly royalty. 

Plus, who wouldn't want to cook the perfect feast for all your storybook friends in that amazing kitchen?

Site: REW

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