Not everyone can say they live a few minutes down the road from the Prime Minister. But if you buy on a certain street in Canada's capital you can definitely boast about that. A house for sale in Ottawa is so close to Justin Trudeau's house that it's only a three-minute drive away. 

A 3,000 square foot penthouse in Ottawa is up for sale and it could be yours for $1.3 million. Plus, it's close to where the Prime Minister lives with his family.

Normally, Prime Ministers live at 24 Sussex Drive, the official residence for Canada's leader. But Trudeau and his family have opted to live at Rideau Cottage instead, located at 1 Sussex Drive.

Along with Trudeau, Kim Campbell is the only other Prime Minister who didn't live at 24 Sussex during their time in office.

"I'm fairly resigned to not live in that house for the entire term," Trudeau told the CBC in 2018. 

Now that he's been re-elected, he will probably opt to continue living at Rideau Cottage.

Just down the road and a short drive away from Rideau Cottage is a massive penthouse that's up for sale. 

The house has three bedrooms and three bathrooms, a newly renovated kitchen and skylights in the foyer and the master bedroom ensuite.

Since it's a penthouse, there's a rooftop terrace that gives you stunning views of Canada's capital city including Parliament Hill, Major's Hill Park and other Ottawa landmarks.

This house has a total of 12 rooms including a formal dining room and library and den.

Plus there's underground parking so there's no need to clean your car off after a snowstorm and an elevator to make it easier to go to and from the penthouse.

This place is right in the middle of the action and a short drive away from where the Prime Minister lives. 

A three-minute car ride down Sussex Drive from the penthouse will take you to the Trudeau home, surrounded by the trees on the grounds of Rideau Hall.

So if you lived in the house down the road from Rideau Cottage you'd just be a few minutes away from Canada's Prime Minister.

You could practically invite yourself over to watch the Raptors with the family or do yoga with Sophie Grégoire Trudeau in the middle of the living room.

There are no guarantees that you'd actually get invited in, though.

The Prime Minister of Canada definitely has some hardcore security around. Nonetheless, living so close to the leader of the country would definitely be an interesting conversation starter.

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