With real estate, you don't always get what you pay for. The Canadian housing market can be pretty diverse, even among houses that have nearly identical prices. A giant mansion in Newfoundland can end up costing the same as a Toronto bungalow.

That's definitely the case with these two properties. The house at 355 Tolt Rd. in Portugal Cove-St Philip's, Newfoundland is so extra that it actually has a fireplace in the master bathroom.

Meanwhile, the property at 20 Restwell Cres. has a newly renovated kitchen and a generous backyard space but is a lot less grand.

Considering that the Newfoundland house also has a home theatre and a massive 11,044 square feet of living space compared to the relatively modest Toronto home, it might surprise you to learn there is only a $7,000 difference in their prices.

The Tolt Road mansion, which in all seriousness also has a full pub with a massive bar and a pool table in the basement, costs $2,995,000.

The Restwell Crescent bungalow, which at least has a nice view of the Don Valley River, will set homebuyers back $2,988,000.

If you were comparing views, though, it's kind of hard to compete with the massive windows afforded at the east coast estate. Getting enough natural light would never be a problem.

On top of that, the 3.56-acre lot also offers more than enough outdoor space, with a large circular deck and an expansive lawn.

On top of the actual house itself, the Newfoundland property also includes a detached 2,500-square-foot garage with a 1,250-square-foot loft. It's like they're throwing in a Toronto apartment for free.

The home in Toronto, while not offering the same features or space, is at least newly renovated with stainless steel appliances and a good amount of surrounding greenery.

Still, given the choice between the two, it should be obvious which one would give you more bang for your buck. 

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