The 6ix's skyline is about to get a major facelift. Pinnacle International announced on Wednesday, February 12, 2020, that their newest project would see a 95-storey Toronto condo erected downtown. The recording-breaking building, designed by Hariri Pontarini, is called "SkyTower" and for a good reason, as it will be the largest condo building ever constructed in Canada. At a stunning 313 metres in height, SkyTower will house over 800 suites that come in "a variety of layouts."

Luxurious units ranging from 520 to 2,300 square feet are expected to be sold at a starting point of over $800,000. So, if you don't mind heights, I would start saving now.

"An iconic address like One Yonge demands an iconic architectural statement," said Pinnacle's Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Anson Kwok, in a press release. "We knew this location demanded something elegant and distinctive.

"Our approach to this phase, and the other elements of this master-planned development, was predicated on a commitment to not just merely add yet another condo to the downtown core. Instead, we recognized the unique privilege provided by this site to forever reshape the Toronto skyline," he added.

As you can imagine with great heights, comes fantastic views.

According to Pinnacle International, the new building will offer "unparalleled views across Lake Ontario and over the surrounding GTA."

At the same time, their suites "will be defined by their timeless and contemporary designs."

Early renderings showing what the SkyTower will look like once completed, showcase how insanely tall the building will be next to the CN Tower.

Seriously, if you're living in the penthouse, you're going to have to get used to a different kind of altitude.

Pinnacle International reported that SkyTower would be "the second of three tall towers at Pinnacle One Yonge."

Information on the third tower has yet to be released. 

The new condo also feature several exciting amenities including, a yoga studio, games centre, and party-space, as well as lounge areas and an outdoor barbeque.

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